basket of products

basket of products
basket of products ECON Warenkorb m

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  • Basket Of Goods — A relatively fixed set of consumer products and services valued and used on an annual basis to track inflation in a specific market or country. The goods in the basket are often adjusted periodically to account for changes in consumer habits The… …   Investment dictionary

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  • Non-timber forest products — (NTFP) are considered as any commodity obtained from the forest that does not necessitate harvesting trees. It includes game animals, fur bearers, nuts and seeds, berries, mushrooms, oils, foliage, medicinal plants, peat, fuelwood, forage,… …   Wikipedia

  • Nontimber forest products — (NTFP) generally refer to all forest vegetation other than industrial timber products such as lumber. DefinitionsSome definitions also include small animals and insects. A few examples of the many thousands of different kinds of NTFPs include… …   Wikipedia

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